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Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding Traditions: Wedding Pins Ideas

Wedding Traditions: Wedding Pins Ideas - According to tradition, unmarried female guests to the wedding, the pin will be placed face down, while married, placed the head of the pin up.

If a guest loses single pin, it means to be married soon, hence I put it upside down.

Deal pins between the guests of your wedding is a tradition in southern Spain that is still processing. Currently there are many designs of pins, ranging from the traditional to the most daring and funny.

Next, we show a selection for considerate when detail to choose them as the guests.
alfileres_para_novia alfileres_para_novia2 alfileres_para_novia3 alfileres_para_novia4 alfileres_para_novia5 alfileres_para_novia7
mis_alfileres mis_alfileres2 mis_alfileres4 mis_alfileres3 

Wedding Traditions: Wedding Pins Collection

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