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Sunday, June 24, 2012

England vs Italy Euro 2012 Highlights Match Results 2-4 Penalty Shootout Video

England fought against Italy in order to fight a ticket quota for competing the 2012 Euro cup quarter-final held at the Stadio Olypic, Kiev.

England go down with a 4-4-2 formation in this game. Two Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney and Danny Wekbeck, a footstool in front of the England line. Meanwhile, Ashley Young and James Milner's cross transmit each of the mature wing.
England vs Italy Euro 2012 Highlights Match Results 2-4 Penalty Shootout Video

Meanwhile, Italy is also using the same scheme. Mario Balotelli who had backed up again to fill front-line 'Azzurri' with Antonio Cassano. Meanwhile, the position is filled playmaker Andrea Pirlo.

Both teams brought together the game open. Italy is more dominant in the first half. Measured passes Pirlo released a mainstay of Italian dismantle England's defense.

Italy almost scored when the match was only four minutes. Daniele De Rossi off a hard shot from outside the penalty box. Unfortunately, his shot hit the crossbar still England.

A minute later, turn England who got the chance. Starting from Milner's cross from the left side of the Italian defense, Johnson shot the ball past two defenders Italy. But, the ball can be pushed over Buffon.

Balotelli had a golden opportunity in the 25th minute. 'Super Mario' escaped the offside trap and dribbled into the England defense. However, his shot is already facing one on one with Joe Hart is still capable of being held by John Terry tackle.

Score goalless draw last until the first half ended.

Match in the second half more interesting. England had begun to dare to kelua attack and no longer simply wait in their own defense box.

Italy company has a golden opportunity when the second half foot four minutes. Starting from a crisis in front against England, De Rossi who got the ball kicked a ball gag. Unfortunately the direction is still widening.

Italy again threatened against England. Andrea Pirlo off a hard shot from outside the box, the ball was still able to hold Joe Hart. Throw the ball leading to a Balotelli free-standing inside the penalty box.

The ball then kicked. However, Hart again capable dismissed. A loose ball in front of goal and was greeted Motolivo flick. But, unfortunately her high above the England goalkeeper.

Italy obviously full control of the game. This was evidenced by their shots toward the goal of achieving 26 times and six of them successfully pushed Hart. Meanwhile, ball control Gli Azzurri reached 65 percent.

Until the game twice after 45 minutes, no goals are created. The match was resumed into the extra period.

Match extra time

England bust nets almost Italy in the 98th minute. Walcott gave a pass from the left side of the Italian defense directed against Rooney. However, Buffon deftly cut it before the ball up to Rooney.

Italy was not without opportunities. In the 100th minute, Balotelli has a chance. The shot from outside the box on the right side of England's defense is still a little high over the crossbar.

However, Italy's best chances in the first period of extra time created in minute 101. Diamanti intends to remove the cross from the left side of England's defense.

Cross the ball rolled too deep and the right goalpost England. Then throw the ball directly driven by Terry.

Penalty kicks

Italy national team finally stepped into the Euro 2012 semifinal. Fit 'Gli Azzurri' 4-2 win over England in the round of penalty kicks.

Mario Balotelli as the first kicker diving successful Italy job. He directs the ball into the right corner against England. Joe Hart moving in the same direction. But, he quickly lost.

Steven Gerrard became the first England executioner. The captain Buffon successful swindle. Disasters struck Italy in the second kicker. Ricardo motolivo penalty shot wide on the right side against England. Meanwhile, Rooney successfully brought England winning 2-1.

Andrea Pirlo penalty uniquely done. He's just to chop the ball into center field. Hart moved to the right. Third kicker Ashley Young as England failed to do their job properly. Penalty kick hit the crossbar just Italy. Womanly score 2-2.

After bringing Italy ahead 3-2 Nocerino, calamity befall England. Cole penalty is directed to the right side easily captured Buffon. Diamanti ensure Italy won with a score of 4-2 after penalty outwit Hart.

England vs Italy Euro 2012 Highlights Match Results 2-4 Penalty Shootout Video :

(England vs Italy Penalty kicks video by DailyMotion credit user uploader)

England vs Italy 4-2 penalties
England Italy 1-0- Mario Balotelli scores
England Italy 1-1- Steven Gerrard scores
England Italy 1-1- Ricardo motolivo misses
England Italy 2-1- Rooney scores
England Italy 2-2- Andrea Pirlo scores
England Italy 2-2- Ashley Young misses
England Italy 2-3- Nocerino scores
England Italy 2-3- Cole misses
England Italy 2-4- Diamanti scores
England starting lineup vs Italy Euro 2012 Quarter Final: Hart;lescott, Terry, Cole, Johnson;Parker,Gerrard,Young,Milner;Welbeck,Rooney.

Italy starting lineup vs England Euro 2012 Quarter Final: Buffon; Bonucci, Barzagli, Balzaretti, Abate; Pirlo, Montolio, De Rossi, Marchisio; Cassano, Balotelli.

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