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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Download EURO 2012 Match Schedule Excel Format

You can download EURO 2012 Match Schedule Excel Format here. This match schedule is created in excel file format, with the scoresheet and score calculations automatically. So you can easily make a prediction of Euro Cup 2012. Detailed descriptions are below.

Before you download, make sure you've Microsoft Office Excel installed on you PC, so the downloads European Cup schedule in Excel format can be opened later. This file contains a complete schedule of Euro 2012, from the group stage to the final round. Time and the hour is already adjusted to the time of Indonesia (GMT). Display intentionally schedule ordered by a specific color so as not to confuse and comfortable to wear to monitor the game for the match at the European Championships later.

Formula for the table and standings Euro 2012 schedule also features excel formula to define the group standings and which countries will qualify for next round. Simply DO you just put the score at every game. Then the group standings and qualify for the state that will appear automatically on its own.

With this formula, you can use the Euro 2012 schedule excel to make predictions until the final round. Live set at the results of each game, you can know the position and who will meet whom in the next round. Of course this is easier than making predictions with the Euro 2012 final winner guessed it.

Please download here: EURO 2012 Match Schedule Excel Format
Here you can watch Euro 2012 Live

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